• 45 min


Her main interests are:

  • Sports injuries

  • Spinal pain and stiffness

  • Sciatica

  • Headaches and jaw pain

  • Post-operative rehab

  • Postural evaluation and correction

  • Joint and muscle strains/sprains

  • Sinus and chest conditions


She will ensure that a comprehensive interview and assessment is undertaken at the initial appointment to help design the most appropriate treatment plan unique to your specific needs.

She will make sure that the client understands their condition and by using a combination of skilled treatment techniques, including a combination of hands-on therapy and individualized rehabilitation planning will help you to achieve maximum benefits.


Treatment techniques used include a combination of:

  • Joint mobilisation to reduce pain and improve range of movement

  • Soft tissue mobilisation and massage

  • Neural gliding techniques

  • Dry needling

  • Individualised exercise programs

  • Strapping to support ligaments, joints and muscles

  • Patient education on ergonomic principles and self-management strategies to manage and optimise recovery

The main goal is for patients to achieve the highest level of independence of movement and function and to avoid recurrence of injury.